Conveyancing Fee Calculator


Fees are billed as follows for the Conveyance
PART A - When your offer is accepted. Payable after we complete your initial documents.
Service Initial letter and signed contract examination $0.00
GST $0.00
Searches Required Title and Plan search
Total $0.00
PART B - Payable when you reach settlement. There are no Part B fees for terminations under finance, buyers inspections or cooling off.
Service Solicitor time, labour and settlement preparation $0.00
GST $0.00
Searches Required disbursements* $0.00
Total $0.00
Break down of 3rd Party Costs as quoted in Part A and B (Disbursements)
Title search Plan image $0.00
Council rates search Water meter reading $0.00
Land tax certificate $0.00 Day of settlement title search
Body Corporate Information Statement (if buying unit/apartment) $0.00
*Cost of all disbursements are estimates only and subject to the costs charged by the authorities at the time of ordering
Our service is subject to our cost disclosure (terms of service)
Estimated Total Prof fee including GST $0.00
Estimated Search Costs $0.00
Estimated Total Fees (including GST) $0.00
This quote does not include PEXA electronic settlement fees or costs of complying with Verification of Identity requirements.